Mayurs Photography

Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO

The three essentials to a perfect shot

I am Mayur. I moved to beautiful Vancouver Island  2 years back in April 2014. From dry barren lands of Saskatchewan to the wet rainforests of Nanaimo came a great change in my life. I became a great fan of "Mother Nature" and has ever since taken up photography, advanced my knowledge, sharpened my photography skills and am no longer a novice, but on my way to becoming the best PRO Photographer of Vancouver Island.

  • Attention to details.
  • Effeciency, Time management and dedication.
  • Nikon D5200 is my travel companion.
  • Nature lover, travelled to Alaska, Yukon, India, Jamaica and Mexico.
  • Life is awesome, stay happy, eat greens and exercise..

Thanks for visiting my website. Come join me in my journey to ultimate peace.